31 October 2013

2013-14 Topps Bundesliga Chrome

Just as I'm starting to lose interest in soccer cards mainly due to lack of creativity from card makers with shitty card games seemingly flooding the market, Topps and Panini are beginning to release attractive, higher end collections aimed at adult collectors rather than kids. This time it's the Bundesliga's turn to get the premium trading card treatment. Here's a translation of the sell sheet and the info revealed so far.

Date of Sale: 18 December (Same release date as Topps Premier Gold)
6 Cards per Pack
36 Packs per Bo,
8 Boxes per Case

Starter 19,99€ / Booster 3,99€

Translation: "Bundesliga Chrome is the brand new premium trading card series
collection of the Bundesliga – Something like this has never been seen before.
In this high-end collection there are over 250 cards of all 18 Bundesliga
clubs – including limited and very high valued signed sards and memorabilia
cards of each club.

With original game worn jerseys or goalie gloves

This brings the reality to the collector