Trading Policy

I set up this blog not only to express my thoughts on the soccer card hobby but also to hopefully get some sales and trades done to further my own PC. There are however a few rules regarding what and how I will trade. Here is how it works:
  • First of all I'm looking for any card in my 'wanted list' page, there may also be some not listed there that I would be interested in but I don't do stickers, IP or TTM autographs, magazine cards, oddball or other unlicensed cards for the most part. There may be some exceptions to this such as vintage Maradona, Hugo Sánchez, etc. stickers as well as Bimbo Cards, Stadion Cards and Sports Illustrated for Kids cards to name a few. If you're interested in purchasing or trading, feel free to contact me through a comment here on SCB or my e-mail address which can be found in the "Contact" page to the left.
  • When trading, you send first. I've put myself out there with this public blog so this measure is to protect myself from potential scammers. If I've already successfully traded with you elsewhere (card forums, eBay, etc.), we can both send at the same time, no problem there but people I've never dealt with will definitely have to send first.
  • I accept PayPal for sales. I can also accept other forms of payment including cash through the mail but PayPal is probably the most safe and convenient payment method for both parties involved.
  • I can also put an item on eBay if that would make you more comfortable dealing with me, keep in mind prices will generally be higher to cover for fees incurred by me. Dealing through eBay will be a requirement for any international customers as this will enable me to purchase insurance for the cards being sent out internationally.
  • As for condition, I'm only interested in cards that are in at least near mint condition. Meaning no cards with dings, worn corners, or creases. Any card I deal will be described to the best of my ability. I will disclose any major flaws and expect the same from any trading partner.
  • Sending cards with proper protection is a must, this includes using bubble mailers, cardboard, top loaders, soft penny sleeves and team bags, the more protective supplies used the better.
  • The listed price for my cards is negotiable in most cases. I'm usually pretty good in terms of knowledge of the average eBay selling prices for most mainstream soccer cards so don't insult me with a ridiculous lowball offers and we're good.
That's pretty much it for my dealing guidelines. Look forward to trading with fellow collectors, happy trading!

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