04 April 2013

2013 Icons Official Messi Card Collection Limited - 2 Box Break

After waiting little less than a week, great delivery time BTW, for my Official Messi Cards order from the Card Fanatic hobby shop over in Japan - I would like to publicly thank the folks over there for their excellent service, much appreciated - I'm happy to report the results of my 2 boxes. First off you're guaranteed 1 hit per box, either an on-card autograph, game-worn or event-worn jersey, 19 out of 20 times the hit will be a jersey cards so pulling an auto was always going to be difficult, especially with my luck.

I opened my first box and pulled out an event-worn jersey. The picture used on the front of the card is from Barcelona v. Real Madrid Super Clásico from April 2010, would've liked a game-worn jersey from that particular match but it's a nice, large 2 color swatch nonetheless. With the second box I still wasn't able to complete the 89 card base set but did get another EW jersey card as my second box hit. Once again the picture on the front of the EW depicts Messi in another Spanish Super Clásico. This time from a match in 2007 in which a 19 year old Messi scored a hat trick for a 3-3 draw, I actually remember watching that mamorable match on TV - enjoy...

A teenage Messi scores a hatrick on Casillas and Real Madrid.

#EWJR23 Front
#EWJR23 Back

#EWJR9 Front
Base Cards Front

Base Cards Back

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