31 March 2013

The 2013 Icons Messi Card Collection Is Live

A few days ago the watered down European version of this product was apparently released in at least Spain. As of the 29th of March the high end Japanese version of the product went live with some singles making their way on to Yahoo Japan Auctions. Not too much stuff has been listed as of the writing of this post, I've only seen one auto so far (pictured below).  Below are links to samples of the different type of insert cards to be found in the product.

One of the first ever certified Messi autos

Messi On-Card Autograph

Messi Match-Worn Jersey

Messi Event-Worn Patch

Messi 1/1 Base Card Parallel

I'm expecting a couple of these boxes in the mail soon and I will of course be posting my box break results here on SCB. Be sure to watch this space...

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