30 May 2013

2012 Topps USA Olympic Team

Originally posted on 17 May 2012.

A little over two weeks ago Topps launched it's 2012 London Olympics trading card collection which focuses on US hopefuls, among them a few soccer players. The women's autograph lineup consists of Alex Morgan, Hope Solo and Abby Wambach. Juan Agudelo is the sole men's inclusion in the entire checklist which is actually surprising considering the US national team failed to qualify for the tournament.

The women's autos are selling very well as expected with Alex Morgan's autos being white hot but I personally would've liked to have seen Topps go beyond the US athletes and obtain the signatures of some of the top footballers expected to be part of the games, the likes of Neymar, Thiago Silva, Luis Suárez, Cavani, "Chicharito" Hernández, Bale, Mata, etc. It also bears mentioning that Panini has also released an Olympic product, which focuses on the British contingent. Unfortunately though, it's the typical Panini "Adrenalyn" garbage, not even worth a further mention.

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