07 March 2013

Official Lionel Messi Card Collection: Jerseys, Patches and Autographs!

Despite being widely considered the best footballer in the World for quite a while now, Lionel Messi had never had a proper certified autograph card ever issued before.That is about to change as UK-based football memorabilia company Icons is set to release a dedicated Leo Messi card set. Apparently this collection will feature 89 regular cards as well as numbered parallels, jerseys, patches and the aforementioned first ever certified Messi autographs. I know, I know, Messi has some Futera 1 of 1 autos but as I've made clear before I don't trust Futera's signatures which they don't even bother to back up with a guarantee of authenticity and for good reason me thinks.

Back to the Messi collection before I go on another Futera rant, here's what's known so far.
  • The collections consists of 89 regular cards with gold parallels serial numbered to /1.
  • There are 5 on-card autos with gold parallels numbered to /3.
  • 5 different match-worn jerseys with an autographed match-worn jersey numbered to /1.
  • 5 different event-worn jerseys with an autographed event-worn jersey numbered to /1.
  • Auto odds (1:400 packs) - Jersey odds (1:21 packs)
The configuration of the product is 3 cards per pack, 20 packs per box and 20 boxes per case. Apparently the product will only be distributed in Japan, the cost per box is currently ¥10,500 Yen (about $115.00 USD).

As far as design goes, to be honest the design of the cards looks a bit amateurish to me but hopefully the cards look better in person than in these mock-up pics. Still I'm very much looking forward to this release. Hopefully I can pick up a box or two and report my pulls on a future entry here on SCB. Check out the images of the product below.

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